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Liebe KollegInnen,

Anbei eine Information zur EuroMISE 2004 in Prag
(http://www.euromise2004.org/), und zu einer dort stattfindenen "HL7

Beste Grüße,
Elske Ammenwerth

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to kindly inform you that – in the context of the 
International Joint Meeting EuroMISE 2004 (IJM) in Prague, Czech 
Republic, April 12th to 15th, 2004 – HL7 is going to perform a roadshow 
on April 16th, 2004. The event programme will be available very soon. 
Among others, it contains HL7 Basics and Advanced Approaches as well as 
examples of Implementing HL7 Solutions in the various countries. It is 
important to notice that participation in this HL7 event is free of 
charge. The IJM organisers have included the HL7 roadshow in their 
program. The highly recommended registration (needed for room and 
facility planning) will be possible soon via the IJM web site 
(http://www.euromise2004.org). Hotel recommendations are also given 
there. Please don not miss this very interesting event, as it is 
definitely a highlight of IJM.

An international EHR symposium will take place there as well. Contrary 
to HL7, this symposium is an official part of the IJM and therefore not 
free of charge. The agenda includes such interesting aspects as 
Requirements and Principles for EHR and Healthcare Registries; EHR 
Architecture, Concepts and Ontology; Natural Language Processing, 
Linguistics and Terminology, and Telemedicine Challenges and Solutions. 
A panel discussion and a poster exhibition will round up this event. For 
further details including the final program please visit the web site 
mentioned above. The organisers have offered on-line registration and 

We hope you’ll enjoy the events. Hope to see you.

Best regards
PD Dr Bernd Blobel (SPC)

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