[AK-MI] Final reminder: Last chance to submit to Mednet2006!

Elske Ammenwerth Elske.Ammenwerth at umit.at
Do Mär 16 07:45:38 CET 2006

Mednet 2006: 11th World Congress on Internet in Medicine 
the Society for Internet in Medicine 
October 14 - 19, 2006 
Call for Papers/Abstracts/Tutorial Proposals/Panel Proposals 
Abstract Deadline: March 15th, 2006 
MEDNET is a scientific conference organized of under the auspices of
the Society for the Internet in Medicine (SIM). In 2006, MEDNET will be
part of a larger eHealth conference, with around 500-800 delegates,
involving meetings of other groups such as the International Society for
Research on Internet Interventions, and the WATI group (Web-Assisted
Tobacco Interventions). A NCI-sponsored cancer afternoon will highlight
the work of the NCI Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication
Research (CECCR) and other cancer communication. Keynote speakers will
include world-renowned scientists from the eHealth research arena, but
also including business leaders from companies such as Microsoft and
Please preregister today at
http://www.mednetcongress.com/preregistration.php (Pre-registration
is mandatory before you can submit an abstract or panel/tutorial
The congress is co-sponsored by the Society of Internet in Medicine
(SIM) and the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the leading
Open Access eHealth journal (http://www.jmir.org). 
Tracks and themes at Mednet 2006 
World Congress on Internet in Medicine, Toronto, Oct 13-20 
    * Health-e Body Weight: Ehealth technologies for healthy eating and
active lifestyle 
    * Cancer and the Internet 
    * Web-Assisted Tobacco Interventions 
    * Psychobehavioral interventions on the Internet 
    * Evaluation and methodological issues in ehealth 
    * Web-based medical education 
    * Health communication on the internet 
    * Patient portals 
    * Putting electronic health records online 
    * E-trials: Using the web and e-technologies for clinical trials 
    * Public (e-)health, population health technologies, surveillance 
    * Internet for disease prevention 
    * eHealth for chronic diseases 
    * Online pharmacies 
    * Internet based publishing and peer-review 
    * Open Access publishing in medicine 
    * Usability and human factors on the web 
    * Health information on the web: Supply and Demand 
    * Next Generation Internet Health Applications 
    * Semantic Web applications and search engine technologies 
    * Telehealth and medical practice using IP technologies 
    * Business opportunities in ehealth 
    * Failures in eHealth 
See Call for Abstracts/Proposals at 
http://www.ehealthcongress.org/ocs/callforpapers.php on how to submit
abstract. Note that all abstracts/papers and proposals must be
online at http://www.mednetcongress.org/ocs/submit.php 

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