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IMIA monthly news bulletin; no. 21, 05 January 2011

IMIA website: http://www.imia.org IMIA News site: http://imianews.wordpress.com
For all official IMIA communications, please use imia at imia-services.org

Welcome to the first IMIA monthly email bulletin for 2011.

Table of Contents:
1. IMIA President's 2011 Message
2. Medinfo2015 bids
3. IMIA and GHIP agree strategic alliance
4. IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics
5. IMIA Code of Ethics update
6. Forthcoming events
    a] Regional events
    b] National/international events
7. Journals
    a] IMIA official journals
    b] IMIA Member journals
8. IMIA website, bulletin
9. Membership fees
10. Regional editors and regular contributors sought.
11. Next bulletin

1. IMIA President's 2011 Message

Dear members of the IMIA Community,

Please receive my personal wishes and those of the IMIA Board for a healthy, peaceful, happy, and productive Year 2011.

This year is going to be full of challenges and opportunities for IMIA. We have returned from an inspiring Cape Town MEDINFO 2010 conference, full of energy and ideas, ready to bring forward, at the global level, IMIA’s agenda and strategic plan. We have realized how much health and biomedical informatics are now strategic in most aspects of health, healthcare and biomedical research worldwide. This gives us an increased responsibility, as well as a sense of urgency to realize IMIA’s vision, to bring forward our values, and to make sure that our voice is heard in the growing and ever-noisier choir of health informatics and eHealth.

This year, we will develop and strengthen our partnerships and synergies, within IMIA’s community, and by reaching out to other organizations, in particular in the fields of standards and global health. We will also leverage the capacity and diversity of our members and of our regions, which represent the true richness of IMIA.

During 2011, we will particularly ask our working groups and special interest groups to demonstrate their dynamism: many of them will be commissioned to produce reviews and white papers in their fields of expertise, helping to establish IMIA as a leading voice to inform the various stakeholders and decision-makers with quality information, knowledge and advice.

These are exciting times for our field, with loads of challenges and opportunities. Nevertheless, I am sure that, with IMIA’s wide-ranging community, we can truly strengthen the research, education, dissemination and impact of our field globally, and thus better serve the professionals, and, ultimately, patients and citizens.

Happy New Year!
Antoine Geissbuhler

2. Medinfo2015 bids
As announced at the IMIA GA 2010 in Cape Town, we will be shortly be opening bids for hosting Medinfo2015. IMIA's Vice President Medinfo, Riccardo Bellazzi, is finalising the bid documents, which will be send to all IMIA Member Society representatives on 01 February, 2011. Complete bids must be returned to Riccardo by 01 June, 2011. The IMIA Board will recommend a shortlist, and shortlisted societies will be invited to present their bids at the IMIA GA 2011 (28 August at MIE2011 in Oslo, Norway), when the IMIA GA will vote.

Note that, as per IMIA rules, only fully paid up IMIA Member Societies can bid for hosting Medinfo. We ask that IMIA Member Societies also use this oportunity to ensure that the information we have about them on the IMIA website - in particular the name and contact details of their official IMIA representative - is correct, and to provide any amendments needed.

3. IMIA and GHIP agree strategic alliance

IMIA and GHIP (Global Health Informatics Partnership – www.ghip.net - a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMIA) have signed a Letter of Understanding (LoU) to collaborate globally to help empower health workers to act locally to improve health and health care delivery. The LoU outlines a strategic alliance to facilitate the development of local workforce capacity for biomedical and health informatics, develop targeted support for public health and clinical decision-makers, and evaluate current infrastructure and policies to ensure a positive environment is built to strengthen health information and communication (HICT) systems and support sustained investment in HICT and informatics at the global level.
IMIA President Dr. Antoine Geissbuhler observed, “Achieving these goals requires intensified international collaboration as well as development and strengthening of local and regional centers of excellence in health informatics so that they are able to support local projects while being connected globally.”

Further details are at http://wp.me/pvCUS-za

4. IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics
The 2010 IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics is available, and copies were distributed at the 2010 IMIA General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as to participants in Medinfo2010. The theme of the 2010 issue is 'Biomedical Informatics: Building Capacity Worldwide'.
Full electronic access is available to IMIA Member Societies who wish to subscribe to this facility, and access information has been sent to all subscribing societies. The current price is an additional 150% of the subscribing society's IMIA membership fee. Any IMIA Member Society who does not currently subscribe to the full electronic access, and wishes to do so, should contact IMIA to discuss arrangements further.
Early work is already well underway on producing the 2011 IMIA Yearbook. Information on the current IMIA Yearbook, and previous years' issues, is at http://www.imiapubs.org

5. IMIA Code of Ethics update

The IMIA Code of Ethics was endorsed at the IMIA GA 2002 and is available on the IMIA website. Dr. Eike-Henner W. Kluge is currently leading an IMIA taskforce to explore any updates that may be needed to the Code. Further details on how any IMIA members and other interested individuals can contribute to the work will be provided on the IMIA website and via our other communication channels.

6. Forthcoming events
a] Regional events

The next MIE (Medical Informatics Europe) will be MIE2011 - http://www.mie2011.org - Oslo, Norway on 28-31 August, 2011. The Call for Submissions is now open; full details are on the MIE2011 website.
The Call for Full Papers closes on January 30, 2011. For all other categories of contribution, the closing date in March 15, 2011.

IMIA-LAC are currently organising the next INFOLAC conference, to be held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in late May 2011, in conjunction with the IMIA Board meeting. Further details will be provided as available and on the new IMIA-LAC website (http://www.imia-lac.net)
The APAMI (Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics) 2012 conference will be hosted by CMIA, China Medical Informatics Association. Further details on date and venue will be announced.

Regional websites:
APAMI - http://www.apami.org
EFMI - http://www.efmi.org
IMIA-LAC - http://www.imia-lac.net

b] National/international events

A selection of forthcoming events; more information is on the IMIA and IMIA News websites, and in the Methods Calendar of Events.

VIII International Congress on Health Informatics: 07-11 February, 2011. Havana, Cuba.  http://www.informaticasalud2011.sld.cu/index.php/informaticasalud/2011

INFORSALUD2011: 22-24 February, 2011. Madrid, Spain. http://www.seis.es/jsp/base.jsp?contenido=/jsp/congresos/inicio.jsp&id=3.1&categoria=1&idcongreso=163

ITCH 2011: 24-27 February, 2011. Victoria BC, Canada. http://itch.uvic.ca/index.php 

HIMSS11: Annual Conference and Exhibition: 20-24 February, 2011. Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL, USA. http://www.himssconference.org
AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science – TBI (Summit on Translational Bioinformatics) and CRI (Summit on Clinical Research Informatics): 07-11 March, 2011. San Francisco CA, USA. http://jointsummits2011.amia.org
HC2011: 05-07 April, 2011. Birmingham, UK. http://www.hc2011.co.uk
EFMI 2011 STC Special Topic Conference: 14-15 April, 2011. Lasko, Slovenia. http://www.stc2011.org
eHealth2011: 26-27 May, 2011. Vienna, Austria. http://www.ehealth2011.at CALL FOR PAPERS closes on 15 January, 2011.
e-Health 2011: 29 May - 01 June, 2011. Toronto, Canada. http://www.e-healthconference.com/

AIME2011 (Artifical Intelligence in Medicine): 2-6 July, 2011. Bled, Slovenia. http://www.aimedicine.info/aime11/

Medicine 2.0'11: 16-18 September, 2011. Stanford University, CA, USA. http://www.medicine20congress.com CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS closes on 01 March, 2011.

AMIA 2011 Annual Symposium: 22-26 October, 2011. Washington DC, USA. http://www.amia.org

7. Journals

a] IMIA Official Journals

IMIA has three official journals:

Applied Clinical Informatics (http://www.aci-journal.org/) Published by Schattauer; editor-in-chief Christoph U Lehmann (email: clehmann at jhmi.edu).
ACI has electronic Table of Contents (eTOC) facility (http://aci.schattauer.de/en/contents/register-for-etoc.html) and can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.
Latest eTOC is 2010;1(4) - see http://wp.me/pvCUS-AG

International Journal of Medical Informatics (http://www.ijmijournal.com/home) Published by Elsevier; editors Charles Safran (email: csafran at gmail.com) and Jan Talmon (email: talmon at mi.unimaas.nl).
Latest eTOC is Vol. 80, Issue 1 (Jan. 2011) - see http://wp.me/pvCUS-Bh

Methods of Information in Medicine (http://www.methods-online.com/) Published by Schattauer; editor-in-chief Reinhold Haux (email: ed at MethodsInfMed.org).
Methods has electronic Table of Contents (eTOC) facility (http://www.schattauer.de/en/magazine/subject-areas/journals-a-z/methods/contents/register-for-etoc.html)
Latest eTOC is Vol. 49, Issue 6 - see http://wp.me/pvCUS-zY

eTOC are made available for each journal on the IMIA News website as they become available.

b] IMIA Member journals
Many IMIA Member Societies produce their own journals, often in local languages to meet the needs of local members. We wish to compile a complete list, and to add the information to societies' entries on the IMIA website; we request Member Societies to send us details of their journals.

The current partial list includes:

Acta Informatica Medica: journal of the Society for Medical Informatics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Academy of Medical Sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina

electronic Journal of Health Informatics (eJHI): official journal of Health Informatics Society Australia (HISA) and Australasian College of Health Informatics (an IMIA Academic Institutional Member)

The Finnish Journal of eHealth and eWelfare (FinJeHeW)

Indian Journal of Medical Informatics:

JAMIA – Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association:

The Journal of Health Informatics (JHI): an official publication of the Brazilian Health Informatics Society:

8. IMIA website, bulletin
You may have noted some changes to the IMIA website and to this monthly bulletin. The website has been moved to a new structure and underlying content management system, which will, in the long term, allow us more flexibility in the services we provide to members and the wider community. Members may wish to use the opportunity to provide updated information.
We are also making changes to the monthly email bulletin, although currently mainly of a cosmetic, rather than content, nature, and have moved to use Mailchimp to support this. We hope the new format will not cause anyone problems in reading it; but please let us know of any issues.

9. Membership fees - 2011 and previous years
Thank you to all members who have paid their 2010 IMIA membership fees, and outstanding fees for previous years. If you have not done so, we ask that you endeavour to do so as soon as possible.

We will begin invoicing 2011 membership fees within the next few weeks, in particular to aid those members who need to plan their budgeting early in these constrained economic times.

10. Regional editors and regular contributors sought
We would like to expand the service that IMIA offers to its members, and to the wider international community, both in this monthly bulletin, and on the IMIA News website. We wish to provide regular updates of information, specially from our regional members. If you would be willing to be a regular contributor, or provide regular updates from your region, please contact us to discuss this further. At present, there is no financial payment for this, but you will receive acknowledgement by being listed appropriately.

11. Next bulletin – February 2011

The February 2011 bulletin will be published 01 February. For more frequent news updates, and subscription options by email, RSS feeds, etc., see the IMIA News site at http://imianews.wordpress.com

If you have items to be included in the bulletin, please submit to news at imia-services.org by 29 January.

END OF IMIA News Bulletin, January 2011

Please feel free to redistribute this bulletin, or selected contents, among your members and colleagues (quoting the origin to help promote IMIA). We thank all those members who are already using and re-using the materials.

Disclaimer: Whilst every care is taken to provide accurate information in compiling this bulletin, IMIA cannot vouch for the accuracy of information provided on other web sites to which the bulletin links, and opinions expressed on those sites should not be construed to be those of IMIA.

Dr Peter J. Murray

International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
81 Boulevard de la Cluse
1205 Geneva

Skype: imia-office
Email: imia at imia-services.org
Web: http://www.imia.org

NI2012 - Montreal, Canada - June 23-27, 2012 - http://www.ni2012.org
Medinfo2013 - Copenhagen, Denmark - September 8-12, 2013 - http://www.medinfo2013.dk
Copyright (C) 2011 International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) All rights reserved. 

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